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Zhostovo Design 

Zhostovo - it's old Russian handicrafts of folk painting on metal cover with black enamel trays, which still exists in the village of Zhostovo in Moscow region. It was established at the beginning of the 19th century mainly under the influence of Ural handicraft flowers painted on metal. Later development Zhostovo was stylistically connected with porcelain and enamel painting, used in factories near Moscow, and floral motifs on printed cotton, produced by the factories of Ivanovo, and Lukutin miniatura

Few Years ago Zhostovo was adapted also in Nail Industry - design are not so intricate like on metal trays but You can definitely surprise Your Customer.Learn how to create beautiful traditional Russian folk art painting!


Level 1  

-Classification and types of brushes used for this technique.

-Study of light, shade and colour full spectrum.

-Concept of tones and half-tones in creating shadows.

-Painting of flowers and fruits.

To bring with You  :Block Buffer 180/180 Grit, Pen and Notepad , nail art brushes, Flat round Brush size 2, 4 ,6 

(If you do not have they will be available to order before class if required -, please request when booking class ).

*designs may be vary , depends from  time of a year .

* Products which they will be used on course  are included in price .

course fee:Price: Group £90, Individual: £110 (£30 deposit /admin fee none refundable or transferable)

If a cancellation is made after the two week cut off period, you loose full payment. it is none refundable or transferable. by booking onto the course and paying the fees you agree to these terms and conditions.

Course require : – Elementary Nail Art required

One stroke level 1 will be advantages 

Proof will be required upon course application .Additional training may be required depending on previous qualifications, please email us for more information.This course is accredited.

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