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Elementary Nail Art Course 

Have you ever seen nice nail-art, but thought that something is missing?

Have you wondered why your Nail-Art is not popping out?

Could that be because of wrong composition? Or there is no depth in it?

It looks OK, but something seems to be not right?

All that can be fixed in one day!

That elementary course is the one everyone should take into consideration, as it’s not only teaching you basic designs, but also will help achieve more spectacular results in nail-art in the future!

It’s highly advised before any other nail-art course. It’s a starter course which leads you to next level nail-art classes – one stroke, aquarelle, Gel painting or 3D Art.

You will be able to create fine lines, swirls, waves and you will know how to put them together.

That course is also essential before some of the other Nail-Art courses.



- Mixing colours and colour theory

- Shadows and lighting

- Composition

- Perspective

- Newton colour wheel

- Brushes – types, preparation, cut and taking care of them

- Thin lines

- Ornaments


Students will practise on special prepared cards, and on tips.

* Products which they will be used on course  are included in price .

Please bring your brushes for thin lines. It’s possible to order brushes with discount price up to 2 weeks before course.

course fee: Group: £110 Individual: £150.
(£50 deposit /admin fee none refundable or transferable is essential to secure your place)
Balance is due two weeks before.
If a cancellation is made after the two week cut off period, you loose full payment.
By booking onto the course and paying the fee you agree to these terms and conditions.

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